Vulkan Vegas Withdrawals Info & Methods

Vulkan Vegas Casino debuted in the online casino scene in 2016 as a multi-software supporting gambling website. The casino has dual language support, providing support for both Russian and English, the FAQ page which can be translated to Russian. Our website is HTML5 friendly and can be adapted for mobile devices.

Our main goal was to create a light-weight and hassle-free gaming experience for players. Over time Vulkan Vegas succeeded in including features like dual language support and hassle-free banking support. Vulkan provides players with the opportunity to try out a plethora of games from top-notch developers in one optimized website. The attractive bonus scheme and flexible banking scheme does not hurt either.

We are happy to announce that Vulkan Vegas is one of the few online gambling websites that accept bitcoins. Giving players the authentic Las Vegas experience coupled with flexible banking facility is our ultimate aim.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The banking facility at Vulkan is well-equipped to handle customer transactions without any interruptive glitches. Vulkan takes great care in accommodating the needs of gamers in the Russian market. Some of the most popular deposit and withdrawal methods are given below.

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • Yandex
  • WebMoney
  • Qiwi
  • Bank Transfers
  • Bitcoins

Accepted currency denominations that do not have to be exchanged include the likes of:

  • Dollar
  • Rubles
  • Euro

A Look into the World of Bitcoin Gambling

What Are Bitcoins?

In the online gambling world, there are primarily two types of gambling websites: ones that accept only bitcoins and others who accept bitcoins, other standard fiat currencies, and miscellaneous digital payment methods. The former is known as a bitcoin exclusive casino and the latter a hybrid casino.

Being a type of Virtual Currency(Cryptocurrency) that does not exist in papers, neither is it regulated by any singular banking or financial institution. Any individual with a working internet connection can own it and regulate it; accessibility is its most enticing feature. Bitcoin has no geographical limits or sanctions, they can be stored just about anywhere in user-created profiles called ‘Bitcoin Wallets’.

Bitcoins can be accessed through two ways, one is by individual ‘Mining’ using a complex computer algorithm and a concept of a distributed ledger. Individually sanctioned bitcoins aren’t accepted by all betting portals, certain regulation has been imposed on players to help control the usage of the same. An alternative is through converting Bitcoins into regular fiat currency. The first step to which is the creation of a fiat currency wallet, where the Bitcoins can be exchanged according to specified exchange rates.

Bitcoin Gambling at Vulkan Vegas

Vulkan Vegas Casino offers Bitcoins as a payment method on a variety of games to delight our players. Besides that the transaction process is faster, cheaper, and anonymous thus, ensuring your security.

Bitcoins are used by gamblers from all over the world because it does not have the hassles that come with regular currency conversion rates. They are unrestricted by borders and territorial boundaries. The world of Cryptocurrencies is really limitless. Bitcoin-powered online gambling websites such as Vulkan Vegas are known for carrying out transactions at a lightning fast speed. Simply, because they do not have to depend on any central banks or regulated financial institutions to process and grant permissions for carrying out monetary transactions.

Players vying for bitcoin can access their transaction info from anywhere in the world, due to the system being decentralized. They do not have to depend on any bank or financial institutions for the same.

Vulkan Vegas allow users to make transactions without retaining any Personal Information on them on record. Personal bank accounts, social security number, or other personal info are retained by the casinos if regular methods of payments are used, for billing purposes and because the regulatory financial institutions sanctioning the payments require so. The mechanism in bitcoins is largely decentralized, no one regulatory body exists thus, anonymity is protected.

Rules and Regulations for Withdrawal and Deposits

Vulkan Vegas has enlisted some rules and regulations that players need to follow in order to have hassle-free banking experience:

  • A player must be signed up with Vulkan Vegas before they make their first deposit. Unless it is one of the many ‘No Deposit’ bonuses available on particular games, which are free from minimum deposit requirements.
  • Gamblers need to be of legal age, 18 years old, for their accounts to be accepted. If they are not 18, their accounts will be cancelled during the verification process.
  • The main but not the only currencies accepted at Vulkan Vegas are Dollar, Rubles and Euro. Players with any other form of currency have to get their denominations converted to an acceptable one before wagering.
  • Withdrawals amounting to less than $200 will take 2 business days to be processed and credited.
  • The minimum deposit amount is $10 and non-negotiable. Only after the accounts are credited with the aforementioned deposit, the players are eligible for wagering.
  • For withdrawals ranging between $5,000 to $30,000, a minimum of 14 days are mandatory.
  • If the amount waiting to be withdrawn is less than 3 times a player’s initial deposit, then Vulkan Vegas reserves the right to withhold 20% (if using a Debit or Credit Card) and 10% for other available banking services.

Key Concluding Thoughts

Vulkan Vegas Casino has been through a rebirth in recent times and emerged stronger like a phoenix. One of the important areas where we paid keen attention to specifically was the Banking section, the withdrawals, and the deposits.

Besides Bitcoins Vulkan Vegas has a plethora of traditional banking options, which is in addition to the three official currency denominations they officially support. Our gamblers are given flexibility and ensured security all in one single gambling website.