In a world of many alternatives and possibilities for entertainment, there is no doubt that Roulette is one of the most beloved ways of passing time. The game originated in France around the 19th century, and ever since it was created, it has been collecting a wide crowd of admirers in the gambling universe. The casino roulette has conquered the hearts of countless gambling lovers across our planet, and it has only gained fans throughout the years. That being said, this alternative is offered by the vast majority of both land-based and online casinos out there; Vulkan Vegas is one of them.

American and French Roulette

Essentially, there are two types of roulette for casino enthusiasts, one of them is simply known as the ‘’American Roulette’’ whereas the other one is called the ‘’European Roulette’’ also entitled as the ‘’French Roulette’’. While the player’s odds of winning on the American version of the game is 1-38, the European version states a 1-37 deal, which is considered slightly lower if we compare them both. Nevertheless, the two alternatives are equally interesting, with the American one appearing to be slightly more attractive as it seems easier to beginners. The reason for that is attached to the fact that the wheels are simpler to understand. Moreover, there is nothing too different about them.

How to Play and How to Win!

No matter if you are playing for real money or for fun, there is no doubt that the game will fascinate you at the very first moment. It has been around for centuries, conquering both the old and the new gambling enthusiasts. Here are some facts you need to know about the gameplay and features of this incredible casino category.

  • The basic rules of this game are quite simple to understand. Essentially, there is a wheel composed of black and red slots that can be counted from number one to thirty-six.
  • There are also slots for green zeros, but that depends on the modality (French or American).
  • Considering the table and the wheel, the player can place their bets, and the game starts when all bets have been placed.
  • The dealer’s job is to spin the wheel and land a small ball on it. From that on, wherever the ball lands that will indicate the winner.
  • There are two types of bets in this game: the inside bets and the outside bets.

Inside Bets and Outside Bets

The inside bets are the ones that allow the gambler to bet on the numbers themselves, making it a quick and straightforward process. On the other hand, the outside bets are placed outside of the numbers range. There are 7 types of inside bets and 5 types of outside bets. Furthermore, there are also the announced bets, which are more popular in the French variant of the game. As a result of that, this type of bet has exclusive French names, the first one is called ‘’Voisins du Zéro’’, while the other is called ‘’Le Tiers Du Cylindre’’. With so many options to decide from, make sure to choose the one that better suits your game style.

Roulettes and Providers Available at Vulkan Vegas

Vulkan Vegas relies on an extensive list of titles when it comes to roulette. Here is a list of only the most popular ones.

Premier Roulette

Premier Roulette is developed by Microgaming. The software provider headquartered in the Isle of Man did an excellent job creating it. The game has a simple yet awesome freshness to it, and it not only enhances the aspects of the regular French roulette, but it also makes the player want to enjoy all of its awesome features. The graphics and the sound effects are sensational, increasing the value of the experience and contributing to the high rates of the title on the majority of gambling reviewer blogs out there.

Multi Wheel Roulette Gold Series

Multi Wheel Roulette Gold Series is another excellent game developed by Microgaming. The developer has once again contributed to outstanding software in the industry. This title brings joy to both seasoned gamblers and newcomers. The specific features allied with first-class design and an excellent choice for sounds are also the reason it became so popular among casino lovers.

French Roulette La Partage

French Roulette La Partage is a creation by Net Entertainment, which is one of the favourite software suppliers in the gambling industry. That being said, this game is highly recommended by roulette lovers, especially by those who are more interested in playing for real money. With an amazing design and incredible features, there is no doubt that NetEnt did an excellent job developing French Roulette La Partage. As a result of this fantastic job, players can now find this title on the repertoire of Vulkan Vegas.

European Roulette Gold Series

European Roulette Gold Series is a casino game developed by Microgaming. The table game is a fantastic classic of the European roulette, relying on its originality and gameplay to acquire a crowd of fans throughout the world. The game is absolutely great for both newcomers and experienced gamblers, including a simple interface that allows bets from all bettors. Microgaming is an outstanding software supplier, and the European Roulette Gold Series is just another proof of their competence.

European Roulette Vip

The roulette undoubtedly loved by many. No matter if you enjoy the American or European version, without a question it is an incredible alternative. The European Roulette Vip by Spinomenal is just one of the best titles by the provider, and it is now available at Vulkan Vegas for all of the customers that want to experience this outstanding adventure.

Common Draw Roulette

This is one of the titles that are powered by the awarded Betsoft. The game is based on the European type of roulette, and it has a large number of fans across the planet. One of the reasons for that is the fact that it relies on a beautiful design allied with simple rules. Furthermore, gamblers can place their bets and wait for big wins, as the game is one of the best alternatives for the bettors out there.

Live Roulette

Just like any other live games, the live roulette is an excellent choice that any gambler can make at a virtual casino. Vulkan Vegas counts on this title as one of the many that are available in the website’s portfolio. This variant has a live croupier, which certainly contributes to lots of even more fun to the player.

Neon Roulette

Neon Roulette is a recent creation in the industry of virtual casino games. Fugaso is responsible for its variant of the classic French game and did a great job presenting it to the world. As the name states, Neon Roulette is a stunning-looking software that draws the attention of any gambler at first sight.

French Roulette

Among other choices, the clientele of Vulkan Vegas can find the French roulette available on the website. As the name says it all, the French variant of the table game is the classic of them all. It has the original looks, gameplay and of course, all of the features that make it so popular around the world. Give it a try and start enjoying this incredible table game at Vulkan Vegas today.

Win an Exclusive Welcome Bonus at Vulkan Vegas

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